Pre-Release Notice

This is a pre-release notice to inform interested parties of Axicom’s intention to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrades, Maintenance, and Construction services in December 2019.

Suitably qualified and experienced suppliers will be invited to submit a proposal for the provision of services and related materials in relation to Axicom’s wireless infrastructure across Australia for one or more of the following seven work packages, by state or nationwide offer:

  1. 1. Planned and Unplanned Maintenance
  2. 2. Equipment Audits (Post Installation)
  3. 3. Portfolio Health Programs
  4. 4. Minor Site Improvements
  5. 5. Structure Strengthening
  6. 6. New Builds and Site Relocations
  7. 7. After Hours Operations Centre

Axicom is seeking market responses from suppliers that meet the service requirements, provide evidence of experience in successful service delivery, offer competitive pricing, and has the ability to improve service quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness to Axicom through innovation and progressive thinking over the term of the contract.  The contract term for successful supplier(s) is expected to be between three to five years.

The RFP will be advertised on this website and Tenders.Net. The documentation will only be available from the Tenders.Net website and users must be registered to use the site. Registration is free and includes the option to opt in to receive free email notifications for this tender.

Interested parties may register on Tenders.Net by clicking on

Francie Chung