Structel Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Axicom, and is the industry leader in structural engineering services for the Australian telecommunications industry. The business specialises in the assessment and design of infrastructure to support the deployment of wireless networks. 

Established in August 1994, Structel has developed best practice processes, procedures and quality systems. Structel has a goal to deliver the most effective and efficient management of tower capacity for customers to ensure access to existing towers with minimum delay and upgrade cost.

Structel has gained extensive and diverse experience across Australia, servicing a variety of customers in wireless and fixed line infrastructure deployment.

Structel has a team of experienced and committed professionals who all share a philosophy of “speed to market”, quality outcomes, and forging close working ties with clients.

We believe our Structel Engineering Professionals provide an unmatched capability to deliver structural solutions and deployment design services.

Structel services are listed below.


Structel has a goal to deliver the most effective and efficient management of tower capacity for our customers to ensure access to existing towers with minimum delays and upgrade expenditure. Structural assessments can be conducted for proposed or existing guyed masts, monopoles and lattice towers. We pride ourselves in great customer service and efficiency and will agree a completion date for all work at the time of order.


Design of new antenna mounts and headframes to facilitate the proposed customer antenna configuration to attach to a tower or building. Existing mounts can be structurally assessed for changed loading conditions.

Structel provides full fabrication drawings for new mounts. This enables manufacture by local suppliers hence assisting with the speed and cost of construction.


If a current tower does not meet your requirements, Structel can deliver a solution that will save you time and money. The Structel team of highly qualified engineers can tailor a tower strengthening design specifically to meet your needs at a significantly lower cost than constructing a new structure.

Strengthening can vary from a minor foundation upgrade to bracing or replacing lattice tower members to an in-house developed “Steel Jacket” pole strengthening method.

The Structel engineering team can deliver innovative, cost effective, modular tower upgrade options to increase the capacity of almost any tower. These solutions can typically be installed with minimal disruption and impact to existing installed equipment. The Structel team is also experienced in managing simple tower upgrades or entire turnkey installations.


The extensive tower and engineering experience accumulated by Structel can be accessed by our customers who would like support compiling design manuals and engineering guidelines. Structel will consult with the customer to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.


The full suite of solutions offered by Structel provide a unique range of structural engineering products that enable Structel to offer a one stop shop for identifying and quantifying engineering problems; assessing the options and viable solutions; and supplying detailed designs that allow our customers freedom when sourcing installation and construction services.

In addition, Structel can provide advisory services in relation to engineering and structural capacity management for the support of telecommunication infrastructure owners and anyone involved in wireless network deployment.

For more information please contact Structel on 03 9633 1313