Portfolio Health

Portfolio Health Services ensure that customers reduce risk and maximise return on investment across their portfolio of sites

Portfolio Health Services increase the longevity of tower’s life by:

  1. Proactively monitoring the health of the towers so issues can be identified early, before they become major problems
  2. Rectifying issues on the towers where possible without needing to swap out the structure
  3. Reducing the risk of business disruption caused by tower failure or OH&S issues
  4. Advising on capacity management and upgrade solutions to ensure the customer maximises financial return on the sites
  5. Identifying systematic weaknesses or problems in the customers’ portfolio to ensure mistakes are not repeated in future roll-outs.

Services Offered

  • Site count and classification
  • Review of site records and documentation
  • Risk assessment across all asset classes
  • Site security and access management
  • Review of portfolio economic life
  • Recommendations on planned maintenance in light of portfolio risk
  • Build programs to address any issues or considerations
  • Reports on changes to statutory requirements e.g. code changes
  • “while we are there” on site inspections