Capacity Management

Axicom can offer customers different Capacity Management solutions; from a solution that addresses capacity issues on a single tower, to an end-to end solution that proactively manages a customer’s total tower portfolio.

Axicom offers a range of Capacity Management solutions address three requirements.

  1. Maximising tower capacity, i.e. the amount of physical equipment that can be placed on a Tower. Axicom continuously develops and refines the engineering guidelines to ensure towers are fully utilised.
  2. Maximising tower load. Axicom evaluates structural and environmental considerations including foundation strength, wind speed and wind direction to ensure the maximum tower load is utilised.
  3. Providing innovative upgrade solutions. Axicom continues to invest in R&D to provide innovative, cost effective upgrade solutions.

Services Offered

A capacity management solution will utilise a combination of Axicom’s Engineering Services, including:

  • Preliminary Engineering Review – Red Amber Green (RAG) report
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Fluid dynamic modelling
  • Wind speed contour mapping
  • Third party audit of loading techniques
  • Desktop calculation and field verification of dynamic response and natural frequency
  • Design manual changes
  • ‘steel jacket’ monopole strengthening
  • Extensive suite of lattice tower upgrades
  • Multiple foundation upgrade techniques