Western Australian Police Greenfields


  • Axicom provided a full suite of SAED site development services to acquire, design, build and own 12 greenfield sites for WA Police.
  • Axicom provided the sites over a 4 year contract, whilst maintaining minimal levels of risk and CAPEX.
  • All facets of the process were conducted as per WA Police’s delivery profile.


Western Australia police contracted Axicom to progressively acquire, design, build and own 12 greenfield sites. This would require the application of Axicom services including site selection, acquisition, town planning and regulatory compliance, architecture, design and construction services.


In order to establish the required sites for the carrier, Axicom utilized a number of SAED services to carry out the contract.

The scope of works included site identification, reporting and acquisition, environment and planning, detailed design, civil construction, WA Police SMR works, WA Police antenna installation, commissioning and provision of a built & EME guide.

For each site, the delivery times for site selection and feasibility averaged 3 months, total SAED works were 9 months, civil site construction had a lead time of 6 weeks and install and commissioning averaged 2 weeks.


Axicom’s SAED strategy provided the necessary frameworks for the WA Police portfolio to be established.

All facets of the process; from site selection through to site construction and handovers, were conducted as per WA Police’s requested delivery profile.