Axicom Leg Swap Out

Jimboomba, QLD


  • A Leg Swap Out upgrade involves replacing an existing tower leg with a stronger steel member.
  • As the leg is the vital part that supports all other members and equipment, replacing it can be a challenge.
  • Through the provision of a ‘strong back’ splint, a leg can be removed and replaced without affecting the structural integrity of the tower itself.
  • Unlocked an additional 100% capacity with minimal network disruptions.
  • Eliminates the risk of increased corrosion associated with welding or cavities.


The challenge was to safely increase the capacity on a lattice tower leg, whilst overcoming the structural stability issues created by temporarily removing the leg member. Although the fabrication of a new member is relatively inexpensive, installation can be a complex process.


The solution was to conduct a Leg Swap Out. This required the installation of a new, stronger steel leg member through provision of a ‘strong-back’ splint during removal and swap out.

Through this solution, the tower was able to retain its original structure while mitigating the risk of having to upgrade the member in future. It also eliminated the risk of increased corrosion associated with welding or cavities, reducing potential future maintenance
and increasing the member’s overall lifecycle.


By undertaking a Leg Swap Out, Axicom was able to unlock additional leg capacity of up to 100% with only minor network disruptions. This upgrade provided the ability to deploy the initial required technology, but allowed for future deployments to be undertaken without the need for further upgrades to the leg.