Aerodynamic Shroud

Airlie Beach, QLD


  • A bespoke shroud is installed around a head-frame or area of a pole where there is significant equipment induced loading.
  • The aerodynamic shape of the shroud allows wind to flow around its exterior, reducing the poles load.
  • Achieved an induced loading reduction of 40%.


The sites monopole was currently overloaded, however planned equipment upgrades were imminent.

The current deployment on the site meant any upgrades undertaken would further overload the tower thus requiring future upgrades.

This solution is suitable for sites that are difficult to strengthen.


The area surrounding the monopole was restricted by fencing and existing buildings thus making a jacket or any foundation upgrade difficult.

In this situation reducing the load on the pole, as opposed to upgrading, would be a more cost effective solution.

An Aerodynamic Shroud was deployed around a new purpose built head-frame on the monopole which minimised the induced loading effect.

This solution is suitable for sites that are difficult to strengthen, however its deployment limits future equipment installations as they are restricted by the shroud dimensions.


The Aerodynamic Shroud reduces the current deployments induced loading by up to 40%.