Axicom Tower Relocation
Westmead, NSW


  • Western Sydney University (WSU) wanted to relocate Axicom’s existing communications facility in order to divest under-utilised land.
  • WSU and Axicom collaborated to agree a new location, project manage the relocation, and transition Axicom’s customers to the new facility in just 13 months.
  • An effective outcome for both parties. Axicom maintained essential Western Sydney infrastructure, while WSU realised capital from under-utilised assets.


The existing facility had to be removed in a tight timeframe. With limited land available for the new facility, it had to be located adjacent to an existing heritage building and the main train line.

Concerns were raised by external stakeholders about the visual impact of the new facility and perceived impediments to the train line. These concerns had the potential to cause significant delays to the project.



Axicom and WSU established a steering group to manage the projects successful completion.

This included significant stakeholder management, ensuring the needs of the external stakeholders and consent authorities were appropriately managed.

Axicom complied with Railcorp’s requirements during construction to ensure all WHS issues were adequately managed. Additionally, a right of way was maintained on WSU’s land, enabling continuous train line access.

The new facility was painted in two colours to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding area. A custom built fence, in the same colour, was installed to screen the ground equipment.


All parties worked together to relocate the existing facility within 13 months, when the average lead time for similar relocations had been up to 18 months.

There was an effective outcome for both parties. Axicom maintained essential infrastructure for the community in a prime growth area of Western Sydney, and WSU realised capital from under-utilised assets, which it could reinvest into learning, teaching and research.