Wireless service is essential to the safety and economic growth of our community. As Australia’s leading provider of independently owned wireless sites, we care about your community and have an expert team to help you plan for and deploy the right infrastructure to support all of your wireless needs.

We can offer you flexible terms tailored to your unique situation. We can also help you monetise your current property and infrastructure.



Improved safety and coverage

If you think you may have real estate interests, existing towers or vacant land that are not being utilised to their full potential, we can help. We’ll help you put any underutilised assets to better use and provide your residents with better safety and service.


Our infrastructure can also be used to expand your public safety network to provide emergency services workers the communications they need to respond quickly during emergencies.

Additional revenue

We can provide a new source of income that can be used to fund community reinvestment activities and help with any budget challenges.